/New Simulations and Further Info on Death Knight Raid Boss

New Simulations and Further Info on Death Knight Raid Boss

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We have updated our Death Knight Raid Boss Guide to show simulations and information on exactly how many sets of Hunter’s Mark you need, as well as WHY AND HOW to set your heroes up for the Raid Boss. Expect a video showing the best strategy to dominate YOUR Kingdom’s Raid Boss and start gathering more Dark Lord Chests soon.

An excerpt showing the updated portion of the Death Knight Raid Boss Guide :

Raid Boss Gear – Updated

This update shows the best way to set your hero gear up for the Raid Boss. We have not removed the section below that includes more information – but the following is the most important information for the best raid boss gear in Iron Throne.

We have had several players that have posed questions and are quite dubious about the Raid Boss setup guide – so we dove even deeper into the game math to verify exactly how you should gear and when to enhance your Hunter Mark Gear.

At this point, most kingdoms have a very contested Raid Boss – with many players scoring very high. This means that you need to have several sets of upgraded Hunter Mark in order to compete. But how high should you upgrade your Hunter’s Mark, and when you should you split it to a new hero? How many heroes should you run?

This portion of the guide will be a quick set of info for top end players in Iron Throne that have very highly upgraded gear and multiple sets of Hunter’s Mark. If this doesn’t apply to you, scroll down further to see how to set up the rest of your account.

Raid Boss – Hunter’s Mark Weapons vs. Standard Weapons

These charts show the math behind how you want to set up your ENHANCED Hunter’s Mark Gear.

Many players are still trying to use the Hunter’s Mark Weapon and Offhand Weapon – the math here shows that you SHOULD NOT DO THAT. This gear adds a percentage of attack against the Death Knight that multiplies your HERO ATTACK. In order to get the most from this gear, you need Hero Attack for it to multiply. The vast majority of this comes from your weapons. Using Hunter’s Mark in these slots reduces your damage by quite a bit (even when you factor in base Hero Attack and Runes).

This chart shows you the damage difference for one hit when using two Level +15 Normal (Conqueror, Destroyer, Dominator, Guardian, Dark Lord) Weapons against the damage done using only ONE weapon and ONE Level +15 Hunter’s Mark Weapon :
Iron Throne Hunters Mark Gear Comparison

As you can see, it is a very large difference per hit when using two +15 Normal Weapons.

Raid Boss – Enhanced Hunter’s Mark Gear

The alliance Raid Boss is allowing many players to be forced to decide if they want to ENHANCE one set of Hunter’s Mark, or put multiple unenhanced sets on multiple heroes.

This chart shows the difference between running 6 Heroes with unenhanced Hunter’s Mark vs. running fewer heroes with higher levels of Hunter’s Mark :
Iron Throne Raid Boss Gear

As you can see, you will deal FAR MORE DAMAGE running multiple heroes with LOWER levels of Hunter’s Mark – even if some of them are using Purple Weapons. When you are doing the Raid Boss, you need to pay attention to how many marches you are sending – standard players can send 6 (and even 7) out at any one time. This means that most players will want a MINIMUM OF 6 Heroes set up for hunting attempting the Raid Boss. This means that you want Six Heroes set with Hunter’s Mark Head, Chest, and Two Accessories with Standard Weapon/Offhand. Once you have reached SIX of them, then you should start Enhancing the Hunter’s Mark on your highest level Hero.

Even though it may “feel” like you are doing more damage to the Raid Boss by having ONE hero that hits REALLY hard and a bunch of others that do less…these simulations show that the best way to do it is to absolutely maximize your six strongest heroes. If you have a very laggy device or connection, you should (get a new one) maximize the gear on however many heroes you can consistently send out.

Stay tuned for more updates – set your Heroes (all six of them!) up correctly and start DOMINATING the Raid Boss!