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How to Win the World Inferno

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Dark Lord gear is one of the most important aspects of having an incredibly strong account in Iron Throne. It is the strongest defense gear for your Guard Captain (by far), and once it is enhanced highly it transitions into being the best attack gear too. Nobody has reached that level of Dark Lord yet (that we are aware of), but grinding out Dark Lord chests should be one of the top priorities for everyone that wants to dominate Iron Throne.

This guide shows the basics to win the Chaotic Stronghold and Monster Killing World Inferno in Iron Throne. This event is far easier (cheaper) to win or rank high in than the research/build/train World Inferno, so lots of players can get a higher rank in this World Inferno rather easily.

To see our video guide on winning the World Inferno in Iron Throne, go here :
Iron Throne – Winning World Inferno and Crafting Dark Lord

World Inferno Setup

The bottom line for this inferno is simple – March Speed is King. Because of the increased march speed on Cav, you will want to use Cavalry for nearly all of your Stronghold marches. This means that you want to stack as many heroes as you can with Cav gear (use purple Dominator from failed crafts if you have any).

After stacking as many Cav heroes as you can, the rest is fairly simple :

  1. Keep 300% March Speed Boost active for the duration of the World Inferno.
  2. Teleport to Level 30 Chaotic Stronghold and kill them.
  3. Kill all level 26+ Chaotic Stronghold that are within a short marching distance from you.
  4. Teleport to a new Level 30 and do it again.
  5. Use Cavalry for as many marches as possible.
  6. Use March Speeds to return long marches to get to the next one quickly.
  7. Ignore monsters that are not Level 30+ and elite.

You need to remain focused and very active for the duration of the World Inferno – if you slack off, you will have a very hard time winning.

Feel free to post any comments or questions – or let us know if you have your own method!