/Jack-Frost Returns – Testing the giftbox opening mechanics

Jack-Frost Returns – Testing the giftbox opening mechanics

Jack-Frost-in-the-Box has returned to Iron Throne. Defeat Jack-Frost to obtain gift boxes! Bonus rewards will be provided when defeating Jack-Frost the target number of times.

Period: 1/23 at 20:00 – 1/30 at 23:59 (System Time)

Some events are worth it in terms of investment of time and AP. This is one of them. Jack-Frost came with a refreshing renewal of the rewards focusing on older combar gears. Analising 30 results, everytime you open 1 giftbox you will have the chance to receive:

  • 4 to 10% of receiving 1x Advanced Teleport
  • 2 to 5% of receiving 1x 2M Silver chest
  • 3 to 6% of receiving 1x 1H Auto-Hunt Item
  • 32 to 36% of receiving 2x Ice Castle Skin Tickets
  • 9 to 21% of receiving 8x Purple Guardian Chests
  • 11 to 18% of receiving 8x Purple Conqueror Chests
  • 11 to 14% of receiving 8x Purple Destroyer Chests
  • 12 to 18% of receiving 8x Purple Dominator Chests

Considering the amount of items we can determine a statistic base on groups:

  • Special Items (10 to 14%): 1x adv teleport/Siver chest/Auto-Hunt
  • Skin Tickets (32 to 35%): 2x Ice Skin Tickets
  • Gear Chests (51 to 57%): 8x of each combat gear

But do I get better results changing the amount of openings at once?

The answer to that is ‘kind of’.. Considering the number of samples I analised one thing is granted: You will always receive a static amount of rewards. That mean, if you open 100 giftboxes you will receive 100 individual openings of 1 giftbox and same will happen with any amount.

That mean the only thing that changes are the percentage of items you receive. Considering the higher probability of receiving a Ticket, that mean how more items you open at once, more tickets you will receive in penalty of the others.

First Set – 5 openings of 100 giftboxes
Second Set – 5 openings of 100 giftboxes
Third Set – 1 opening of 500 giftboxes and 3 openings of 1000 giftboxes

The flutuation is not that considerable, but tests showed that 1000 openings decreased the amount of special items and increased the tickets from 50 to 100. The gear chests remained at the same probability, except some exceptions.


On the next days I will absorve more information and make more accurate feedback, but for now considering that Tickets are the weakest link on the rewards, I believe by the data presented that opening smaller amounts of chests will increase your chance of receiving more special items (ports, auto-hunts and silver chests) and less Tickets. But, even doing that, the flutuation is not that high, so the beneficts are not considerable.

If you want to help with this testing, everytime you open exactly 100/500/1000 giftboxes at once send me the screenshot and I will add it to the board and get to more detailed conclusions.

Hope you found it helpful.