/Team Deathmatch Tournament

Team Deathmatch Tournament

This was the first Tournament after the merge of kingdom 5 and kingdom 13 that brought together Ctesse and Bake teams. For the most sensitive readers I will just say ONE-team and The.

Let’s just say that in future editions, players will remember this tournament as the ‘boycott edition’ instead of another good one with great matches.

One of the Semi Finals match opposed a great anticipated confront beetween #5 (ONE) and #17 (GUN) where two great teams could play one of the best matches on the entire tournament. But instead, both rounds will be remembered by this picture:

1 round of the Semi Final ONE vs GUN

Quoting literally their intentions, it was said: “We of K17 GUN alliance refuse to play against ONE in all competitions.”

The truth is that ONE was the favorite to win, and having a tournament after a merge was beneficial to the victory. But this wasn’t new and in older editions the same happened and #9 PSY got the victory after their merge, #1 BxS the same.

Luckely, #30 Avg showed on the final with a great team and allowed a fun and competitive final agains’t #5 ONE.

Congratulations to #5 ONE-Team for the victory and to every alliance that showed fair play and gave their best to make this a great event.