/Iron Throne V3.3.2 Recommended Update Notice

Iron Throne V3.3.2 Recommended Update Notice


Greetings, Descendants!

A recommended update will be available on March 27, 2019 to improve each lords’ experience in Iron Throne.

The update can be downloaded through your particular devices’ OS market.

To ensure a smoother gaming experience, download the recommended update by visiting the links below:
▶ Google Play Store
▶ Apple App Store

■ 03/27 Recommended Update

Iron Throne V3.3.2 Update Contents
1. Kingdom Transfer Teleport has been added.
* It is an item that can be purchased from the Package Shop and used to transfer to other Kingdoms during a Kingdom Transfer Event. More details are available in the Update Notice and Kingdom Transfer FAQ.
* The Kingdom Transfer Event schedule will be announced through a separate notice.

2. Other Improvements have been applied to existing game content and features.
3. New events will take place at the Event Center.

Refer to the link below for more information about the Iron Throne V3.3.2 Update:
[Iron Throne V3.3.2 Update Notice]

* The above changes will be applied after updating the game to the latest version.

Go forth, Descendants!