/Iron Throne V3.3.2 Update Notice

Iron Throne V3.3.2 Update Notice


Greetings, Descendants!

An update will take place on March 27, 2019 to add new content and improve current features in Iron Throne.

Read on for more information.

■ Kingdom Transfer
In addition to Beginner Kingdom Transfer, Kingdom Transfer item will be available after reaching Citadel Lv 6.

1. How to use Kingdom Transfer

① Any lords with Citadel Lv 6 or higher can transfer to another Kingdom.
* Lords from new kingdoms which are still within their protection period can’t transfer.

– Kingdom Transfer will be available for purchase from the Package Shop during the Kingdom Transfer Event.
* The Kingdom Transfer item will only be available in the Shops of Kingdoms where transferring is possible.
* The Kingdom Transfer Event will take place in April 2019.
* The number of Kingdom Transfer items required varies according to the estimated power rank in the Kingdom where you will transfer to.

② When using Kingdom Transfer item, you can check the list of available Kingdoms and select a Kingdom you can transfer to.

On the Universe Map, tapping the “Kingdom transfer” allows you to view the groups of Kingdoms from and to which you can transfer.

– Lords from new kingdoms can transfer to existing kingdoms only after their home kingdom’s protection period ends.
– Selecting a Kingdom you want to transfer to will display its information and your estimated Kingdom ranking.

③ Select a Kingdom then tap “OK“ to see the “Kingdom Transfer Teleport Checklist” of the selected Kingdom. 

– All conditions on the Kingdom Transfer Checklist must be met in order to transfer to the selected Kingdom.

Keep in mind that lords will not be able to transfer to another Kingdom if they didn’t meet any of the conditions.

④ If all conditions in the Kingdom Transfer Checklist are met, final confirmation will appear and the transfer to the selected Kingdom will proceed after tapping “Kingdom Transfer.”

2. Kingdom Transfer Teleport Notes
Review the information below before transferring to another Kingdom:

1. Kingdom Transfer is available only to a lord whose home kingdom’s protection period has expired.
2. Each Kingdom has a population limit and lords will be transferred on a first come, first served basis.
3. You cannot transfer to a Kingdom where you would be ranked 1st in estimated Power.
4. You cannot transfer Kingdoms when you have troops of Heroes deployed.
5. You cannot transfer while your Hero is being held captive as a prisoner. (Available when the hero commits suicide or is released.)
6. Transfer is available only if you are not a member of an Alliance. (You cannot transfer if you are waiting for an approval to join an Alliance)
7. You cannot transfer if you currently have a Title or if you’re currently a King.
8.  You can transfer only once during a Transfer Period.
9. Kingdom Transfer is not available during Kingdom vs. Kingdom war (Domination, Blood Moon, and Invasion) or Raid.
10. You must not be participating in the Golden Moon.
11. Unused resource items in the inventory must be all spent to transfer.
12. Registered Resources can be partially transferred.
13. Transfer is not available when there’s unclaimed mail.

After Transfer
1. A Peace Shield used before transferring remains active. 
2. Active Battle/Economy buffs and debuffs will remain.
3. All prisoners in the Prison will be released.
4. All reinforcements will be returned to their castle.
5. Rally Attack and Rally Attack Support will be canceled.
6. If you’re at a Rally Point, you must cancel or finish the Rally Attack before you can transfer.
7. If a Points Event is currently in progress, Ranking will reset according to the Points acquired and the Points acquired will reset.
8. Personal Dragon use counts and chat history will reset.
9. Battle, Monster and Gather mail will be deleted except mail registered as Favorite. (Up to the last 100 pieces of mail)
10. Only the last 200 Alliance and Notice mail will be kept. (Priority given to Favorite mail).
11. Kingdom Donation/Claim History and Donation Ranking will reset. (The number of remaining Daily Donation Count/ Daily Kingdom Donation Count before using Kingdom Transfer item is maintained)
12. Daily counts for the Ancient People’s Tower of Trial will remain.
13. Lord ranking will reset according to the rankings in the destination Kingdom.
14. Attendance Rewards status at the Event Center is maintained.
15. Received Rewards status at the Event Center is maintained.
16. All Battle Points/Revenge Records/Defense Records in the Arena will reset.
17. All Arena ranking/ranking rewards (weekly/season) in progress will reset.
18. Players with duplicate Lord Names in the merged Kingdom will temporarily have their names changed to: ‘K(Kingdom number)_(LordName)#(random4characters).

Transfer Cost
Kingdom Transfer can be purchased from the Package Shop.
The number of “Kingdom Transfer” item required depends on your estimated power and ranking in the Kingdom you selected.

Required Quantity by Estimated Power Ranking

Estimated RankingRequired Quantity
1Transfer Unavailable
21 – 3014
31 – 4012
41 – 5010
51 – 608
61 – 706
71 – 804
81 – 903
91 – 1002
101 and lower1

■ Other Improvements

1. Mail improvement
Tab titles located at the top when viewing Stronghold Tab have been improved.

2. Invasion Rift Improvement
An issue in which the positions of displayed personal ranking were misaligned after viewing rewards has been fixed.

3. Kingdom Map Improvement
An issue in which an unusual map is displayed after continuously tapping a particular location in the Kingdom map has been fixed.

4. Universe Map Improvement
An issue in which the wrong map is displayed when entering and then returning from a selected Kingdom on the Universe Map has been fixed.

5. The names of Hero Buffs have been changed.
Hero Buff names have been changed as follows:

Hero AttackHero Basic Attack
Hero DefenseHero Basic Defense
Hero HPHero Basic HP
Enemy Hero Attack DebuffEnemy Hero Basic Attack Debuff
Enemy Hero Defense DebuffEnemy Hero Basic Defense Debuff
Enemy Hero HP DebuffEnemy Hero Basic HP Debuff
Dimensional Battle Hero AttackDimensional Battle Hero Basic Attack
Dimensional Battle Hero DefenseDimensional Battle Hero Basic Defense
Dimensional Battle Hero HPDimensional Battle Hero Basic HP
Dimensional Battle Enemy Hero Attack DebuffDimensional Battle Enemy Hero Basic Attack Debuff
Dimensional Battle Enemy Hero Defense DebuffDimensional Battle Enemy Hero Basic Defense Debuff
Dimensional Battle Enemy Hero HP DebuffDimensional Battle Enemy Hero Basic HP Debuff

6. Kingdom Donation Improvements
The number of Daily Donation/Claim in the Kingdom Donation has been adjusted as follows:

Daily LimitBeforeAfter
Daily Kingdom Donation Count10
Daily Donation Count12
Daily Claim Count15
Daily Donation Count per Item1
Daily Claim Count per Item1

7. Multilingual Texts Improvements

■ New Events at the Event Center
Two new events will take place at the Event Center.
1. Gold Rush Event
2. Prepare for a New Start Event
-Refer to the links below for more information about these events:
[Gold Rush Event]
[Prepare for a New Start Event]

May the lords of Iron Throne enjoy these new content and improvements. 

Go forth, Descendants!