/Stickers Collection

Stickers Collection

This Revenant Theme Sticker Collection was made to improve the social bonding aspect in all Iron Throne communities. They are also free to use as images, but to use them as Stickers it’s only available as a purchase from the Sticker Shop. Unfortunetely the Revenant is a element from Iron Throne and protected by copyright, so I can’t sell it without permission.

To give a change for other players to have this exclusive collection, each week I will raffle from the Iron Table (IT Feedback Group) a player that share opinions and improvements about the gameplay to receive the collection. If you want to have the chance to receive it, make sure you join and be active sharing your opinions, concerns and suggestions to improve the game. I send weekly reports to Netmarble about the players community, so how bigger we are, easier will be for them to listen us!

» If want to join the Iron Table follow this link

I will keep doing artwork and increase this Revenant collection, also create other themes with other game elements or heros.

If you have suggestions for a specific Sticker you would like to have, feel free to share in the comments section. I will look to it and make it when I have time.