/F2P or P2W – These packs you need to buy either way

F2P or P2W – These packs you need to buy either way

When you start playing a war MMORTS you should have in mind that the game will be unfair to you and there is always someone stronger that will make you have a bad time. But that is part of the fun and find ways to avoid those situations are key points for a healthy gameplay.

For this post subject lets forget how much you are planning to invest on this game, let’s just state the obvious: spending or not you want to be competitive and have a good time. And even if you play without investing your money you should consider get some initial packs that are very accessible and they will greatly improve your experience to get that fun.

Beginners Pack III

You can consider this the most important beginner pack. Each pack you may buy will provide you items or beneficts that you will use at some point and then you need to buy more to keep going. Or buffs with a countdown where you need to squeeze your time to make sure you don’t waste a second… Not this one!

With the ‘for new beginnings III’ you get a permanent buff that is applied to your account and will increase all the major features you work daily:

  • 20% Construction Speed Increase
  • 20% Research Speed Increase
  • 50% Training Speed Increase
  • 50% Resource Production Rate Increase
  • 100% Gathering Boost
  • 100% Mass Transportation

Having this permanent buffs applied you will surely get a huge advantage long term and its advisable to get it before you start doing your first upgradings so you can save stuff right away.

Be aware that after buying this pack you need to manually activate each buff to turn it permanent.

Beginners Pack II

This is an attractive pack because it’s cheap considering its content. I will add you to the must have at start packs but you can always consider you can survive without it.

This pack will allow you to get support items along your journey from the start until you get castle 25. Each 5 levels you unlock the chest and claim the rewards inside. To save you the surprise I will share here with you the content of each chest.

Unfortunetely I didnt took screenshot from the level 25 Achievement reward chest. If anyone have the chance please share the screenshot and I will update this post with the information

30-Day Daily Reward

Even if you dont invest on other packs and your budget is tight and you can only spend a short amount, do it on the 30-Day Daily Reward Pack. This will grant you a bunch of daily rewards that completely exceed the pack value and will make the difference on your daily gameplay.

Because of the price and the beneficts, I consider this a must have pack for all wallets during your growth period. After purchasing be aware that you need to claim the reward daily on your Event Center or you will lose the change to get it that day.

IMPORTANT MESSAGE: This is a spending guideline and it’s my own perspective about the packs you should invest when you start. It’s implicit that the importance on purchasing them is an exclusive responsability of each individual and you can always play the game without being forced to get them. Be responsible and manage your own budget according to your financial reality.

If you have a different opinion or suggestion about the content of this article feel free to express it on the comment section below.

Have a great game!