/Introduction to Iron Throne – Join the global community

Introduction to Iron Throne – Join the global community

First of all, congratulations for joining or researching the best MMORTS war game of the market. It’s my personal opinion after playing almost every game of the genre. Hope you find this to be true and you enjoy as much as I do.

Second of all, if you are new to the game you should now this » this game have a pay to win mechanic « But, you should also know that there is no such thing as a game where you can be the best without spending. If you are aware of this simple fact, you can still enjoy because the game allow different modes and different strategies for all types of players. Here on Global you will find content to fit the way you want to play.

Third and last, this is a community FROM players TO players. All the content here presented is not affected or influenced by the game developer and despite the fact that we have a community link, all opinions are sincere and all the feedback from all the players will be literally shared with the game support team.

So, what are my reasons to claim this game is different from the others of the same genre?

  • First of all, it’s the first game I played that I can actually grow in a balanced and fast rate without getting the frustration of taking to long to be competitive. In less than one month you can drop your shield and have some fun.
  • The two most important features of this types of games: Security and Combat items are insanely cheap. Playing one event for 10 minutes and you get enough gold to shield for 7 days. Ports are cheap and you can stack them easily.
  • This is the first game I played that every single item is available in a realistic way through the different game modes and events.
  • There is a saying that states: ‘I will never live to work, I will always work to live’. Same logic with games.. On Iron Throne you are free to play and invest the time you want. The game don’t force you to stay online because of cooldown periods.
  • And the most important reason: knowing some mechanics of the game are not the best ones, the developer is listening to the players to improve them.

On this beginners section for new players you will find useful information that will allow you to get in touch on the fundamentals and will help you start efficiently and with deep understanding of the mechanics involved. Even if you spend on the game, do it wisely and make sure you get the best account possible spending only on what you need to have it.

So, if you are just researching information about this game and you are convinced and want to give it a try, you can download it now using our community link. This is important because

  • you will be linked to our community and you will receive perks along the way that will help you time to time
  • You can get direct feedback from the developer support team through me
  • You will help grow this community and improve all the features we are working on allowing everyone to improve their gameplay.

Now imagine you just started but you didnt download from the link, but you want to be linked the global community to help us grow. Send me your game name and kingdom by reaching me on Line chat with the id » xootanup « and I will add you manually.

Download Iron Throne now » https://bit.ly/2TAyzAQ

Check all the posts on this section to help you understand everything the game offer! And most important of all, give us your feedback on the comments. We take your opinion seriously to improve this project.

If you downloaded the game, it’s time to start working on your account »

Guideline for the first day playing

Hope you get your way to the top on Iron Throne!