/The first day playing (Unlocking Dimensional Battle and Town Mode)

The first day playing (Unlocking Dimensional Battle and Town Mode)

So, you are feeling the thrill and expectation to see how the game works.. That is awsome! The first day will allow you to get in touch with the very basic gameplay of your account and will let you explore all the visuals and the basic combat mechanics of the game.

Intro Tutorial

The game start with a visual combat scene and your first dimensional battle. With this you see the graphic potential of the game, but that’s it. If you don’t have patience to go through all of this just skip all the way because you will do it again when you unlock the Dimentional Battle. If you want to follow every single detail of the story, go for it and enjoy.

First steps – Initial forced guide

Through the gameplay tutorial you will be introduced to Jorya Dracul, an Oracle and also your guide. Your first action will be upgrade your Citadel to level 2 and claim yourself as a true descendant of an old legend. To help you through the journey you will recruit your first hero to join Maria: Haral Ivarson, he will be responsible for your construction buffs for now on. Gear him up with a blue silver ring that decreases your construction time and appoint him as an architect. Upgrade again your Citadel to level 3 to unlock your first training facility. Now you will be redirected to the outside of your castle to clean the forest. Talk to Jorya and enter the Resurrection of an ancient city to check all the different modes and in which level you can unlock them. Outside your walls build your first farm. And that’s it, you completed the initial game guide.

Doing all this you are on your own. Time to learn the craft!

The best way to play on your first day

1) Ignore all things not related with the suggestion quests that appear on the left of your screen. Completing all the suggestions will allow you to get enough resources to upgrade all buildings of your castle to at least level 12 on the first day without any more intervention. Even unlocking the Dimensional Battle and the Town mode I advise you to keep going with the suggestion quests. This way you will improve your Lord Level and be stronger to play the Dimensional Battle for the first time and save some time. Each time you get out of resources on your inventory claim the rewards on Quests » Challenges and keep going

2) Plan your buildings outside the wall efficiently. That will save you from spending on getting replace buildings items in the future. Personally I divided the left side of the screen for troop related buildings: Barracks and Hospitals and the right side to resource plots.

If combat is a mode you want to explore make sure you build 10 barracks and 10 hospitals always leveled with your citadel.

Food is a resources that is consumed by your troops, so its not advisable to have more than one. As long as you grow, Silver and Stone are the major issue and its harder and harder to keep up with the consuption needs. So I build 10 silver mines for production and troop attack buff (avoid this reason for now), 4 quarries for stone, 4 iron mines for Iron and 1 lumberyard.

3) You achieved citadel 10 or higher and your buildings are leveled as well. Congratulations, that is a awsome start. This means at this point you unlocked two modes that will help you along the way: The Dimensional Battle on Citadel 5 and the Town Mode on Citadel 8. Make sure you claim all the rewards from the Ressurection of the Ancient City (talking to Jorya). Stoping here is your choice. If you prefer, keep making the suggestion quests and see how far you can go without gathering or producing resources.

If you can’t wait any longer to try the Dimensional Battle and the Town mode, now you are ready for some fun!

On my first day I managed to unlock level 14 without any extra intervention. Time is the only thing that can stand in the way of getting it.

4) The dimensional Battle is your first experience with the combat engine and how combat mechanics work on Iron Throne. The game work with 4 troop types: Infantry, Archers, Cavalry and Siege.

The mechanics work with a counter type logic where

  • Infantry is stronger against cavalry and weak against archers
  • Archers are stronger against infantry and weak against cavalry
  • Cavalry is stronger against archers and weak against infantry
  • Siege is stronger against all, but vulnerable due to their low HP.

You will have the chance to test all the mechanics playing the story mode of the Dimensional Battle. Go through all the chapters from 1 to 9 and test different combinations and see the outcome. Don’t worry if you don’t get 3 stars right away. You will need stronger heros with appropriate gear to accomplish that. After completing all 3 stars of the Normal Mode you will unlock the Challenge mode where you can play daily or finish it with silver to get daily rewards.

Test the combat mechanics on this mode and make sure you dominate the stronger against logic… when real action happen you need to know it

5) After exploring the Dimensional Battle and test some of the basic combat mechanics, you can access the Town Mode and explore a mini RPG that will explain some of the story of the characters. Once again you can skip the story behind and jump to the important part: complete the quests. Its very important to manually complete all the epic, guide and daily quests at least once to be able to finish them using silver each day forward. With this you can finish 10 quests to activate specific buffs that will help you in some situations that I will explain in detail on the following posts.

If you have time to spare you can always manually do the quests daily and take the chance to loot the chests on your path to get extra stuff for your inventory.

What you should have after the first day?

Upgrade your Citadel to level 10 or higher on the first day will allow you to get your first improvements for the future. So after doing all that was explained you should also upgraded your Lord Level, Lord VIP and:

  • Recruited Hero » Carl « for reaching Citadel 5
  • Recruited Hero » Valentia « for clearing Story Mode: Chapter 7
  • Recruited Hero » Freydis » for clearing Town Mode Season 1 Epic Quest
  • Recruited Hero » Lauren « for clearing Town Mode Season 2 Epic Quest
  • Gear » Blue Hunter King’s Sword for clearing Story Mode: Chapter 1
  • Gear » Blue Scholar’s Cotton Hood for clearing Story Mode: Chapter 3
  • Gear » Blue Scholar’s Robe for clearing Story Mode: Chapter 5
  • Gear » Blue Scholar’s Root Staff for clearing Story Mode: Chapter 7
  • Several Runes and Auras for completing the Challenge Mode Chapters 1 to 9
  • Gear » Immortal Rand’s Necklace for clearing Epic Quest 1-2
  • Gear » Immortal Rand’s Magical Tome for clearing Epic Quest 1-5
  • Gear » Immortal Rand’s Hat for clearing Epic Quest 1-6
  • Gear » Immortal Rand’s Robe for clearing Epic Quest 1-7
  • Gear » Immortal Rand’s Staff for clearing Epic Quest 1-8
  • Gear » Immortal Eldred’s Phial for clearing Epic Quest 2-2
  • Gear » Immortal Eldred’s Dagger for clearing Epic Quest 2-4
  • Gear » Immortal Eldred’s Mask for clearing Epic Quest 2-6
  • Gear » Immortal Eldred’s Leather Robe for clearing Epic Quest 2-8
  • Gear » Immortal Eldred’s Magic Stone for clearing Epic Quest 2-9
  • Gear » Immortal Hakkon’s Helm for clearing Epic Quest 3-2
  • Gear » Immortal Hakkon’s Leather Armor for clearing Epic Quest 3-3
  • Gear » Immortal Hakkon’s Sword for clearing Epic Quest 3-4
  • Gear » Immortal Hakkon’s Shield for clearing Epic Quest 3-6
  • Gear » Immortal Hakkon’s Ring for clearing Epic Quest 3-8

Consider that this post explores the capacity of what you can get in one day. It’s not mandatory that all players invest the same amount of time, so if you need to do all of this in several days, you should and never feel the pressure of doing things quickly if you don’t have the time.

But, once you get this part done, you are on the right path to start having some fun! Now that you did the boring part, let’s focus on some packs you really really need to get if you want to be competitive.

F2P Or P2W – These Packs You Need To Buy Either Way

If you have a different opinion or suggestion about the content of this article feel free to express it on the comment section below.

Have a great game!