/VIP, Construction and Research – Priorities and Where to focus

VIP, Construction and Research – Priorities and Where to focus

While you play a strategic game you will always find all kinds of theories, opinions, debates and articles about the best way to grow on this genre of games. On my opinion I can’t really understand those debates since the mechanics are equal for all games. At this point you are aware of the troop logic of the strongest against type. Well.. same happen when you work on your account. Construction only make sense if you backup with a solid research, which gets easier with good buffs applied. That said I will share my perspective about the best way to balance your growth while starting on Iron Throne.

VIP Level

Your VIP level is one of the most important things to work on your account. High VIP Levels will unlock and increase very important buffs that will allow you to be more efficient during your gameplay.

The best way to upgrade your VIP is purchasing points with Gold, so you should always use the large majority of the gold you get from packs, events or gifts to improve your current level to 30 as soon as possible. On the VIP section of the Guideline you can check how much gold you will need to get to the different important levels. While upgrading there are some important stages you need to get to unlock key perks. This is the list of the important things you want to unlock and increase. Consider that this levels are the ones required to unlock that feature. Higher the VIP, higher will be the value associated to that perk:

  • VIP10 » Number of Deployable troops
  • VIP11 » Troop buffs for combat
  • VIP15 » Free Lord Skill Change
  • VIP16 » Enemy Troop Debuffs for combat
  • VIP21 » Permanent VIP and VIP Helps
  • VIP23 » Rally Troop Buffs
  • VIP26 » Deployable Troop Size
  • VIP28 » Rally Troop Deployment Size
  • VIP31 » Lord Skill Points


If you feel that having a good Citadel will make you look good from the outside perspective, you couldnt be more wrong. You should always focus on keeping the key buildings at the same level as your Citadel to make sure you are getting the correct beneficts from them. To upgrade your Citadel you will be forced to upgrade all the remaining ones. But because your Citadel Level is directly related on what events you can play and your Academy is directly related on what you can research, there is some strategy involved. Let’s see which levels are very important to get and why:

  • Citadel Level 5 – Unlock the Dimensional Battle
  • Citadel Level 8 – Unlock the Town Mode
  • Citadel Level 12 – Unlock Battle Royale
  • Citadel Level 14 – Unlock Team Deathmatch
  • Citadel Level 16 – Unlock Domination
  • Citadel Level 18 – Unlock Blood Moon
  • Citadel Level 20 – Unlock Golden Moon
  • Academy Level 25 – Unlock the Hero Training Tree (Research)
  • Academy Level 26 – Unlock the Troop Training Tree (Research)
  • Academy Level 28 – Unlock the second part of the Troop Training Tree (Research)
  • Academy Level 30 – Unlock the Troop Training II (Research)

If your progress is based mostly on effort, activeness and participation, I advise you to upgrade your Citadel to level 26 and make sure you upgrade all buildings to the same level. Then you can start researching the troop Training tree while you go for Citadel 28 and repeat the process. Then start research the second part of the tree and go all the way to Citadel 30. This way you get a great account backed with a solid research.

After this you can work on the next step.. Upgrading your VIP to level 35 and do the same with your Citadel. But this is a goal that will require investment, so prepare your wallet.


This are the research trees on your academy

Most of your account power will come from your research. Its the main indicator on how strong an account is. And some researches are more important than others, so lets take a look on your priorities to make sure you are not wasting valuable assets:

  • Battle Tree » This is the first research you need to start doing while you get your Citadel to level 26. Make sure you go all the way on the troop buffs, unlock the Number of Troop Deployments, the Deployable Troop Size and the trap buffs. Since researching the Deployable Trop Size I level 7 is a requirement to claim a quest on the Event Center, make sure you get this as soon as possible. When you have all the way covered focus on finishing the execution buffs.
  • City Tree » This is another research you need to focus before getting Citadel 26. Increasing your Construction and Training speed will help you a lot on higher levels. Follow that with the Enemy Troop Debuffs. All the rest on this tree is secundary and do them when you have spare assets
  • Craft Tree » Getting powerful enhanced gear parts is one of the most important things to improve your heros and your stats. So make sure you focus on researching all the steps from the Enhancement Level Expansion so you can enhance gear parts to +15. Focus on the Amplification of Immotal Set Bonus. Both researches will greatly increase your power, but will also consume lots of silver as well.
  • Troop Training I and II » One of the most, if not the most important research you need to do. You can start with Academy 26 and this will greatly improve your troop tiers basic stats. You can’t kill or defend efficiently without this research, so make sure this is a priority. This research is also very important on Team Deathmatch because the event tiers 5 and 6 will inherit all the statistics of this research. When you get your Academy 30 you can focus on the Troop Training II tree to keep improving the tiers basic troop stats and leverage.
  • Hero Training » For me the second most important research. You can start researching with Academy 25 and your goal is getting the Deployment Deputy Expansion and the Guard Deputy Expansion and their stats improvement I and II. What is in between is secondary and do them only if you can spare assets.

Efficient ways to do your research – some tips

  • Hold the important and biggest researches for Super and World Infernos. Set them previously and finish them during the event. This way you will be able to claim the event rewards and get all the available helps from your alliance members and decrease the researching time. Considering that each day have 6 SUPER infernos, if you finish at least 3 or 4 each day you will grow in a awsome rate.
  • Before starting a long research, double check if you have your Scholar appointed and if you have your Lord Skills set on the Economy preset and active buffs if that is your intention.
  • Let the research get all the available helps from alliance members unless you have enough speedups and you are not worried about the management of those assets.
  • Alternate your important researches with secondary ones every time you are short on resources or you need to finish a research event

If you have a different opinion or suggestion about the content of this article feel free to express it on the comment section below.

Have a great game!