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Iron Table – Players

As a player that really enjoy war MMORTS, I found in Iron Throne a developer that put their effort in listening the community of players and their frustrations playing the game. That is something really worth to give credit considering the genre business model.

My fundamental motivation to play is having fun, and personally I enjoy promoting fun to others. That’s the main reason I invest so much of my time engaging the community of players and making sure our voice is heard.

I colaborate with Netmarble as influencer, so I take the task of understanding the players feelings and sentiments very seriously. I make sure I send constant reports and feedback to their support team so they know what we are feeling as players.

So for now on to take that task easier and give voice to all players in Iron Throne community, I invite you to join my line group IRON TRABLE ยป The main purpose of the group is share experiences, frustrations, suggestions, and any specific feedback you want me to include on my weekly reports.

Every week I will raffle a Revenant Sticker Collection to players that contribute with feedback. So make sure you join and be active with your experience. You can check the Revenant Sticker Collection here

How can I enter the Iron Table to share my feedback?

To enter the Iron Table Group you can do it by using the group link, the group QR code or be invited by one of the current members there.

Iron Table Feedback group Link


Iron Table Feedback group QR Code

Iron Table Line Group QR Code